Tree Maintenance.

We are specialists in the preservation and maintenance of trees and are one of Swansea’s most trusted and recommended professional tree surgeons.


We believe trees are an integral part of our existence, a beautiful display of nature at its very finest and as such, we are passionate that trees should be treated with respect and professional care.

Comprehensive Service.

We offer a comprehensive range of tree maintenance services, catering to both commercial and domestic clients, including pruning, dead-wooding, crown reduction, and even tree-felling where appropriate. We understand that occasionally, trees must be felled for reasons such as compromised tree health that poses potential risk to other trees, or surrounding buildings and structures.

As professional arborists, we know that complete tree removal can sometimes be a complex process, but we are trained and qualified to safely fell trees, approaching the removal with thorough planning, and felling the tree in manageable sections. Where trees can be retained, we can offer expert tree surgery techniques such as crown reduction which will reduce a tree's height and spread. We can also improve a tree's safety by removing dead or weak branches and the installation of bracing systems. All work is undertaken in accordance with the relevant British standards and current industry best practices. 


Our Services.


Complete Tree Removal.

Occasionally, trees are felled due to poor health or inappropriate size/form for the location. Tree felling is a specialist service and can be undertaken by a number of different methods. When we assess any tree, our expert tree surgeons will determine the best and most appropriate method for felling. Where trees are located in confined spaces, sectional felling may be the preferred method for removal. Our staff will take all necessary measures to ensure the safe removal of potentially dangerous trees. 

Emergency situation

Our Team are here to support 24/7 with any potential storm damage. You can reach our emergency out of hours phoneline on

01792 885184

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It is our intention and primary objective to provide a professional, cost-effective service with impartial, independent advice to all our clients. To find out more about our tree maintenance services, or to book for an appointment with one of our tree surgeons, call us on 01792 885184.