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Learn more about The Arb Team. A Tree Surgery and Grounds Maintenance specialist based in Swansea and surrounding areas.

Environment Agency Approved Arborist and Tree Surgeon Swansea
CHAS Approved Tree Surgeon an Arborist in Swansea
City & Guilds Approved Arborist and Tree Surgeon in Swansea

About our team.

Let's talk arboriculture.

The Arb Team are specialists in the preservation and maintenance of trees offering unparalleled quality and service. We love what we do and our outstanding care shines through our work.

We offer a range of services from tree maintenance, tree reports and inspections to garden and grounds maintenance. Whatever the problem we can help you solve it.  

It's simple, if you need your weeds tackling, give us a call, if you've got woodland management projects, or even if you need tree and shrub planting we've got you covered. 

Located near the M4 we can provide you with a prompt response for all your arboricultural and ground maintenance needs. Occasionally trees will fail. Whether you have a fallen tree or one you are concerned about that due to it's condition may fall, you can be certain The Arb Team will be available to attend. 


We take the health and safety of our staff, clients and general public very seriously, due to the nature of our work all our staff are fully trained. We are proud of our safety procedures, training and safety record. 

The Arb team are always looking to expand the services we can provide for you and we now offer a more diverse range of services including; tree stump removal, mature tree fertilisation, large tree planting and veteran tree management.


We are here for you, so don't hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your needs. 


Jack Thomas.


Born to thrive from working outdoors, his astounding work ethic has been instilled in Jack from a young age. Owner of The Arb Team, Jack takes great pride in the work that he does and has a passion for arboriculture.


With over 9 years’ experience within the industry he has a vast knowledge and thoroughly enjoys helping his customers tackle their arborist needs. Not only is Jack the director of The Arb Team but you will also see him working as a climber when he is needed. When Jack is not at work, which is indeed very rare, you’ll find him taking part in any outdoor activity he can get his hands on. Jack is friendly and reliable he is always open for a chat or a visit to discuss your needs. 

James Millard.


With a breadth of experience, James is certainly our go-to guy for most of our customers, with a vast knowledge and over 12 years’ experience he is a brilliant member of the team. You’ll find him taking on the role of foreman on site and helping the team come together to do the best job possible for our customers.


James will take on the role of supervising the team if Jack is not around and works to ensure all operational procedures and techniques are carried out in a safe manner. Safety is of the utmost importance to all of the team and James takes great pride in making sure this is something which is adhered too.


When he’s not working hard alongside The Arb Team James does take a keen interest in cars. 


Lyn Ralph.


Meet our Lead Arborist, Lyn!

With over 27 years of experience within the industry, if you run into a problem or have a question, Lyn’s the man for the job.

He started his career building fences, and now he’s responsible for managing sites across the country. From little acorns, hey!

You’ll either see him loving life driving one of our diggers around, or handling some serious business with a milky brew (two sugars) firmly in hand.

When he’s not overseeing things at work, Lyn fondly refers to himself as ‘Dad’s Taxi Service’, ferrying his children from A to B without too much complaining. An animal lover at heart, Lyn has a dog which he loves walking, two cats, and some fish. We wonder what the next pet will be!

Jack Stanton.


Jack joined us at the Arb Team as a groundsman but has since worked his way up the career ladder (and several many trees) and has now become one of our most trusted and recommended Arborists. Jack is hardworking, responsible and reliable and is not only committed to providing exceptional customer service but also ensures all work undertaken is done so safely, when on site.  Jack prides himself on his promise of quality and every job completed is always done to the highest standard.


A lover of the outdoors, in his spare time you will find him exploring and taking on new adventures, he will always have a smile on his face when you meet him and if you love dogs – Jack won’t be shy in chatting to you about them too!


Jamie Davies.


Jamie’s love of working in the outdoors drew him to a career in tree surgery, and he has completely thrown himself into the role.

Most of our new team members are fascinated by the complex machinery that comes with this line of work, but not Jamie. An ex-Army Engineer, he’d be happy driving around all day in one of our Land Rovers!

A true family man, Jamie loves nothing more than coming home to his little boy, who definitely gives him the run around at home. Don’t offer him a brew if he comes in after a sleepless night though – he hates the stuff!

Ryan Thomas.


Meet Ryan Thomas, our resident adrenaline junkie!

An experienced tree surgeon, Ryan has worked within this industry for three years, and was drawn to this line of work after seeing someone else doing it. In true Ryan fashion, he really craved that rush of adrenaline and wanted to experience it for himself.

When he isn’t expertly operating a top handle chainsaw, Ryan is scaling trees and pushing himself to see how high he can reach until he feels that rush of adrenaline.

An outdoorsman through and through, in his spare time you’ll find Ryan fishing by a lake, with a travel mug filled with milky coffee by his side.


Josh Mogford.


Working in tree surgery is all new for our Army Veteran, Josh. After spending thirteen years in the Armed Forces, he knew a traditional desk job was not what he wanted to return to.

Despite being new to the arborist career, Josh has a firm grasp on the ropes and has already settled on his favourite piece of equipment, the Tracked Wood Chipper. He’s impressed by it’s ‘chomping power’ as he so perfectly words it!

As an ex-Army Engineer, we know we can always come to Josh when a piece of machinery starts playing up! He loves tinkering about with old motorcycles in his spare time as well as surfing, but that’s no use to us in a time of crisis!

Ryan Davies.


Introducing Ryan Davies, the mastermind who keeps us all organised! Even though our climbers and arborists scale trees left and right, Ryan keeps our feet firmly planted on the ground.

Armed with his MacBook and several spreadsheets, Ryan impressively tackles each day without so much as a drop of caffeine. We don’t know how he does it!

When he’s not keeping us all in check, Ryan is a serious sports fanatic, and loves keeping up with American sports such as the NFL and the NBA.

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