Stump Removal.

Effective and safe stump removal is a complex practice that requires professional training and expertise. At The Arb Team, our team of tree surgeons are qualified to safely remove tree stumps and we offer this as a standalone service or at additional cost to any tree removal work we carry out for clients.

What is it?

Stump grinding is an efficient and clean method for the removal of unattractive tree stumps. Our specialist machines and equipment allow us to access confined areas without causing damage to lawns, paths and garden features. The removal of dead or rotten stumps can reduce the risk of disease spreading to extended areas of your garden. Additionally, stump removal provides a more usable outdoor space, minimising potential trip hazards and allowing you to utilise the space in a more practical and safe way.


Remove those tree stumps.

If you have been left with unsightly stumps following tree removal on your land, contact The Arb Team today to enquire about our professional stump removal services. One of our friendly, qualified team members would be happy to provide a no-obligation quote and assist in making your land a more picturesque and practical space.


Contact us.

It is our intention and primary objective to provide a professional, cost-effective service with impartial, independent advice to all our clients. To find out more about our stump removal services, or to book for an appointment with one of our tree surgeons, call us on 01792 885184.