Homeowner Chainsaw Course

This qualification is designed for homeowners who have a lot of trees on their property, and are looking to safely maintain, fell, or cross-cut them. You will learn the basics of chainsaw care and maintenance, how to safely cross-cut trees for firewood and other purposes, and the basics of safe felling.

Homeowners will be guided by a professional, qualified and experienced arborist, and the techniques taught will be in line with current legislation and safety regulations. The course will take place in-house.

Course Duration: 1 Day


Why choose us?

We are arborists by trade. We won't be training you to pass a test, we'll be training you to produce quality work, above test standards to ensure you are fully prepared for the work ahead. We live and breathe the work that we do, and our state-of-the-art training courses are designed to provide you with the best possible standard that we ourselves would expect from our team.

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