What is a Tree Surgeon?

A tree surgeon can be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, tree surgeons take care of tree felling, planting as well as the care and maintenance of trees both on domestic and commercial property.

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Dealing with tree management can be hazardous if you tried to rectify any problems yourself, which is why it is important to hire a qualified professional to take care of your tree maintenance. Tree surgeons can offer a variety of services relating to tree maintenance including; tree inspections, where they can look out for any pests or diseases that your tree may have as well as assess the health and safety risk of potentially dangerous trees. Tree surgeons can also carry out pruning of trees and the plantation of new trees.

Tree surgeons can help to identify any trees that are damaged and that need immediate attention and whether or not partial or full removal is necessary so that the tree is no longer a risk to the public. Tree surgeons need to remain physically fit as they will have to climb trees on a regular basis. When you are hiring a tree surgeon you will be safe in the knowledge that any work you need to be completed on your trees will be done in the safest way possible and without damaging the tree any further therefore becoming a hazardous risk to the public.

Tree surgeons are highly qualified in how to prune trees, treat trees as well as fell trees. It won’t always be the case that trees need cutting down, they may sometimes need pest disease treatment which tree surgeons can administer correctly to ensure no further damage is caused to the tree.

Tree Surgeon Swansea | Tree Surgeon Working

Trees are not the only maintenance tree surgeons can help you with, if you have shrubs or problematic stumps, then these can also be taken care of by a tree surgeon. Tree surgeons can remove stumps carefully and professionally to ensure the ground is not damaged any further than necessary. Tree surgeons can also cut hedges, including the lager more unruly ones which would be dangerous for someone who was unqualified to attempt to remove or cut back.

If you have any questions about the maintenance of your trees, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our qualified tree surgeons can carry out a consultation for you and discuss your tree surgery needs.