Transform your garden into a fun area for the family!

Transform your garden into a fun area for the family!

Swap the holiday resort with your garden this summer! Even though we'll most likely spend the summer months at home this year, the holiday excitement doesn't need to be sacrificed! Below, we have listed some fun activities the whole family can enjoy in the comfort of your own garden:


A fun garden wouldn't be complete without a treehouse! We aren't talking about a multi-story mansion sat amongst the branches of a giant Oak tree (although if you can do that then go for it!).

A simple, rustic little treehouse at ground level is perfect for those warm summer days when the children just want to play outside. Perhaps you can join them by painting some flowers on the outside walls, or plant up a couple of colourful window boxes?

DIY Racetrack:

It's Formula 1 season, and what better way to embrace the action by creating a miniature racetrack in your garden?

Mark up the size of the track on your lawn, dig up the turf, and lay some bark chippings or playground mulch for the ultimate smooth racing experience. Still have some greenery where the track loops? Try planting some small flowers, grasses, or miniature shrubs in these areas to make it look more attractive and interesting.

Mini Golf:

Children missing the crazy golf courses? It's easy enough to make one in your own garden!

Simply take a plank of wood, or any flat and solid material you can spare, and decorate it with obstacles. Think stones, plant pots, gardening utensils; anything that presents a little bit of a challenge!

Pebble Footprints:

This is a lovely activity to do outside, and can become a yearly tradition as your child grows up.

Whether you have pebbles in your garden, or need a quick trip to the seaside to collect some, try and match a pebble to the size of your child’s feet. Then you’ll just need smaller pebbles to form the little toes and voila – you’ll have a pebble replica of your little one’s footprint! As the years pass, you can collect bigger and bigger pebbles, giving a lovely visual of your child’s growth.

Driftwood Planters:

If you’ve nipped to the seaside in search of pebbles for the previous idea, why not look for some pieces of driftwood? Ideal for planting some little succulents or air plants, they make an attractive and fun statement in any garden.

Bee Hotel:

Look after our important buzzy bee friends by building them their own hotel! Create a square or rectangular shell made of wood, split the interior into different sized sections, and densely pack these sections with nooks and crannies; bees love holes that they can scurry away into!

Plus, an increased bee presence would be excellent for your flowering plants and trees, particularly any fruit trees present in your garden.

Tree Fairy Lights:

Give your outside space that 'abroad' feel by wrapping some warm-coloured fairy lights around the trunks of your trees!

Emitting a soft glow, while adding to the relaxed ambiance that comes with long summer evenings, this small change will transform your space into a lovely oasis.

There you have it, plenty of fun activities that you and your family can enjoy this summer! You’ll forget your usual summer holiday in no time, and make lasting and unique memories at home which will be recalled for years to come. Fun doesn’t have to be put on hold this summer!

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