Storms and Trees

With the current high winds we are experiencing, collapsing and failing trees are again in the news but as Corporal Jones used to say in Dad's Army 'Don't panic'

If they should fail it is true that land owners with trees on their property are usually liable for any damage or injuries that occur (refer Occupiers Liability Act 1957 and 1984) but due to the importance of trees this should not be a reason to remove or severely prune healthy and structurally sound trees. 

Trees have many values - social, environmental and economic but they may in certain circumstances be a hazard where people and property are present. It is therefore important for tree owners to know if their trees are liable to failure. An inspection by a suitably experienced, qualified and insured arborist can provide a full physiological and structural check, evaluate surrounding targets to calculate a tree related risk assessment and options for any required remedial works.

The main objectives relevant to tree hazard management are as follows :-

  • to control risks to people who live, work and play near trees

  • to avoid the unnecessary removal or disfigurement of amenity trees or of trees with high biodiversity and wildlife value

  • to conserve habitats that are provided by trees and woodlands including those that are old and decaying.

A tree inspection and tree risk assessment undertaken by a qualified arborist will evaluate

what is at risk for example people, buildings, vehicles, the probability of impact, the magnitude

of the hazard and the probability of failure.

Some of the factors to consider will involve the identification of structural weaknesses and if present decay fungi and the evaluation of site factors such as exposed locations, soil depth and the general vitality and health of the tree.

If you require a professional tree inspection on your trees and woodlands which meets your legal responsibilities and provides that all important peace of mind please call us for a no obligation quote and some free advice on the type of tree survey that is best suited to your particular garden or site.

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