Spring Garden Maintenance: Getting the Job Done

After a long and difficult winter, the spring season is finally upon us! For those that love the outdoors and their garden spaces, the promise of finer weather is not only a blessing but a call to action to prepare for the summer months. With our extensive experience and shared expertise, The Arb Team are here to remind you of seven spring garden maintenance activities that you can get stuck into this weekend. Read on to make sure your 'To Do List' is at its most efficient…

Gutter Clearance

Through the winter months, gutters can become overloaded and blocked with leaves, moss and general debris. Spring brings the warmer weather and the perfect opportunity to get your rubber gloves on and clear out those gutters! Drainage is important for good garden and home maintenance. You may also like to consider connecting a water butt to the downpipe to provide you with a continuous, sustainable supply of water for your garden; a great way to maintain a summer garden come the dreaded hose pipe bans!

Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

As the weather starts to improve, many like to make use of their conservatories. But is there anything worse than the sunshine fighting its way through a dirty conservatory roof? Clear and clean your conservatory roof for a fresher feel to your space. Equally, shed, workshops and outhouse rooves may need small repairs and cleaning to ensure they are water-tight and ready for the summer months ahead! Whilst you're considering roof cleaning and maintenance, don’t forget to take a look at the roof of your home to ensure moss build-ups, slipped slates and blocked chimney pots don't go unnoticed. Read on to find out how The Arb Team can help you do this safely and effectively.

Light Tree Pruning

It's a little late for pruning but depending on the tree there may still be time to shape up the long branches before the summer months take hold. Some tree species are still in their dormant period in early spring and may benefit from a gentle prune. This has the potential to reveal a view from your garden, make the most of a seating area or create more room for play structures like slides and climbing frames. At this time of year, it is definitely worth looking up at the larger trees, or speaking to The Arb Team, to see how you could benefit from pruning them safely.

Jet Washing

A satisfying way to immediately improve the appearance and usability of your garden is to jet wash stone-work, water features, greenhouses, decks and general structures. Through the winter months algae, moss, dirt and general debris can build up around these kinds of garden features making them look lack-lustre and dilapidated. This kind of build-up may also affect the integrity of the material, so be sure to check no stone has been eroded, wood rotted or pipe work damaged by the winter months.

Woodwork Maintenance

As the spring weather rolls around, it's important to assess the woodwork in your garden. From fencing to gates and decking, it is paramount to ensure that there are no damaged or rotten panels that could pose a safety or security risk. Whether you choose a paint or an oil, outdoor woodwork still needs annual maintenance; and there's no better time to do it than before the outdoor games and summer barbecues fill the garden.

Tree Stump Removal

This spring, prepare to make the most of the space in your garden by considering stump grinding and stump removal. Old tree stumps can be an eye-sore and, more seriously, can be a trip hazard if you have a young family. In smaller gardens, every inch counts and removing a tree stump could mean you gain a larger seating area or more room for summer fun! The Arb Team are professionals at advising on the right way to remove a tree stump and can quickly and cleanly carry out the work.

Window Cleaning

There's nothing better than gazing out of your bedroom window on a summer's morning, through crystal clear glazing. Take the opportunity this spring to clean your first-floor windows, improving the look of your property and views over your garden. A little elbow grease for a great result you will appreciate all through the season!

Let The Arb Team assist you with your spring garden maintenance! With just one weekend's hire of our access equipment, all of your spring garden maintenance becomes much easier and safer. Clean, clear, jet wash, prune and paint at height on a safe and stable platform. We are also here to help with general garden maintenance, tree services, stump removal and landscaping.

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