Removing Tree Stumps: All You Need to Know

Have you been left with an unsightly tree stump on your property? Put down your axes and call the qualified tree surgeons at The Arb Team! Safe stump removal is a very complex process and requires our professional expertise to have it done correctly.

So, why might you need a stump removed? If you have had a tree felled at your property, the stump and roots are sometimes left in the ground. While this can look attractive and 'rustic', with the stump displaying the tell-tale, age-defining rings of the tree, leaving a tree stump in the ground can lead to significant problems.

If the tree was living when it was felled, the stump and roots below the ground will still be very much alive. Usually, tree stumps are coated with a special chemical which prevents regrowth, but if this process has not been completed, you might have a significant problem on your hands. The roots of the tree will continue to grow and spread underneath the ground, firmly anchoring the stump in place. Sometimes, the roots of a tree can spread up to 12 feet beyond the stump, especially where trees are more matured. With tree stumps, it may appear as though there is no new growth on the surface, but rest assured that those roots are winding their way through the earth. Some may even produce new shoots while they grow, which will only add to the complexity of the extraction process if you do decide to have the stump removed later on.

If a dead tree has been felled, you may be under the impression that, as the tree stump is dead, you can just leave it to naturally decompose or even encourage the process. We strongly advise against this, as a perished tree stump can bring a whole host of problems that will quickly spread across your entire garden.

Stumps that are left to decay are very susceptible to numerous diseases and fungus infestations. While you may think that it’s only confined to the stump, these diseases can spread to the roots. If the dead tree was particularly old, the roots will likely be far-reaching and may come into contact with healthier tree roots and other plants. Before you know it, the once flourishing foliage in your garden may fall victim to the diseases spread by the festering tree stump.

You will also need to remove a tree stump if you’re planning on building over the area, for example, adding an extension to your home, building a decking, or even constructing a fence! The last thing you want to do is spend hours of backbreaking work trying to remove a tree stump, only to encounter significant complications a few years later with the arrival of new roots and shoots. The Arb Team are just a phone call away, and our highly trained and experienced professionals can resolve the problem via a process called stump grinding.

Stump grinding is a clean and efficient removal method for unattractive or diseased tree stumps. We use specialist equipment and machines which allow us to access small, confined areas without damaging the wider garden, i.e., lawns, paths and garden features. Our machine deftly cuts the tree stump right below ground level, so that the remaining part of the stump can be covered with earth and the ground can be flattened.

After the process is complete, you are free to enjoy your outside space again! Build that extension, put up that fence, and relish in mowing your lawn in a straight line instead of weaving around a tree stump. Say goodbye to unsightly stumps with their tripping hazards and risk of disease, and hello to a more useable and practical space.

If you have a tree stump on your property and you’d like to have it removed safely and effectively, call the professionals at The Arb Team today. One of our experienced and friendly tree surgeons will happily provide a quote with no obligation and will assist in making your land a more aesthetic and safer place.