Five Ultimate Easter Activities: The Family Edition

Spring is when our gardens burst into life once again, and this year Easter coincides perfectly with the appearance of daffodils, tulips, camellias, cherry blossom and so much more. This bank holiday weekend why not celebrate Easter with an agenda of fun, family activities to help you enjoy your garden! The Arb Team love to spend time in nature and we’ve put together the five ultimate Easter weekend activities to enjoy your time safely, with your household. Learn, craft and play this bank holiday...

Wildlife Watch

Take to the garden with a picnic rug to sit on and a printout of The Arb Team's activity sheet! Encourage the family to sit quietly on the rug to allow the wildlife to go about its business and see what you can spot.

Why not take this activity sheet on a walk with you? As a family explore your local area to see what wildlife you can spot; whilst getting some exercise and burning off a few of those chocolate eggs!

Easter Wreath

Let's get crafty! Making an Easter can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Fallen or pruned branches from a willow tree are flexible and ideal for forming into circular shapes and weaving around each other. Alternatively, there is a wide range of wreath shaped floristry Oasis and wire forms available online. Have some fun gently pinning painted eggs into your wreath base, tying colourful ribbons through the willow and packing it out with spring foliage from the garden. It can be fun to add little bunny and chick figurines to really celebrate the season. Here are some ideas to give you inspiration to have a go with the family...

Egg Hunt

There is no better way to celebrate the Easter weekend than with a traditional garden egg hunt! Purchase small, chocolate eggs in foil or plastic and hide them around the garden for your children to find! However, be extra careful of the natural wildlife! The Arb Team are specialists in preserving the natural world and know that birds may still be nesting at this time of year in bushes, trees and bird boxes. Try not to disturb their natural habitat whilst you hide the eggs and equally, encourage children not to play near a known nest.

Garden Planting

The four-day weekend is a great time to get planting in your garden, and why not make it a family activity? This way children feel involved in the care and maintenance of your garden, and watch the shrubs and flowers grow and bloom over the next few months. There's a huge number of plants and trees that are ideal for planting during the springtime, but here's some of our favourites...

o Fill hanging baskets with Petunias, Geraniums and Osteospernum. Be careful of late frosts! You may like to keep your hanging baskets in a green house for a few more weeks.

o Plant borders with Perennials and Biennials such as Fox Gloves, Pansies and Hostas. These are hardy breeds that create a beautiful array of colour and textures in your flower beds through the summer months.

o If you have very little ones, why not start with just planting some sunflower seeds and placing them on the windowsill? Sunflowers grow quickly and are a joy to watch bloom in August.

Easter Tree

This is a great opportunity to not only get crafty with your little ones but also get stuck into some garden clearance! Start by heading outside and clearing branches and sticks that have fallen from trees in your outside space, or that you have decided to prune as part of your regular tree maintenance. Pick the best-looking fallen branches to place in a vase. Fill the bottom of the vase with a few stones or shingle to ensure it is sturdy and can counter the height of your chosen branches. Decorate your branches with painted eggs, Easter decorations, flowers and ribbons. An easy DIY project that makes a great centre piece for your Sunday meal and tidies up the garden!

We truly hope that you and the family enjoy some time together as a household this Easter bank holiday and get the opportunity to appreciate the natural world just outside your back door. If you’d like to consider making more space in your garden to appreciate with your family, contact one of Swansea's premier teams of tree surgeons and landscape gardeners today. The Arb Team can professionally assist with the removal of old tree stumps taking up un-necessary space in your garden, maintain and remove dead or dangerous trees and help with general landscaping.

Call us today and make the most of your garden, this spring - 01792 885184