Five Trees to Look Out for This Autumn

The autumn is well and truly upon us and it can be a really beautiful time to take a woodland walk and appreciate nature in all its glory. At The Arb Team, we are lucky enough to be working outside on a daily basis and enjoying the seasons. So, wrap up warm, grab your wellies and see if you can spy any of our favourite autumn trees…


A personal favourite of ours here at The Arb Team, Beech is absolutely breath-taking in the autumn season. Beech trees turn from green to a cascade of golden and orange colours within a few days! This normally happens around October time but can change depending on the age and location of the tree. You can identify a Beech Tree by looking for the Beech nuts! These grow in little clusters inside brown, spikey shells and are edible (but not very tasty!)


This popular Japanese tree, with its range of colours and leaf shapes is a real pleasure through the summer months. But come autumn a lot of these species undergo a dramatic change and the leaves produce some really fantastic colours! From bold burgundy to burnt orange, Acers can look almost magical in any backdrop. To see some really excellent examples head to Clyne Gardens in Swansea or Aberglasney near Llandeilo.

Horse Chestnut

Also known as a conker tree! Horse Chestnuts are the trees of our childhoods spent collecting conkers just to smash them against each other at school! These mature, magnificent trees have broad, palmate leaves and in the spring produces pinky-white flower pyramids. However, it’s in the autumn that you really want to find these trees as the conkers fall and are loosened from their spikey, sharp wrappings. Be very careful if you’re collecting these and wear gloves!

Silver Birch

Birch trees are very striking come the autumn season and can be easily recognised. The tree trunk remains a silvery-chalk colour and stands out amongst a blazing backdrop of yellow leaves! These trees can reach heights of 30m when mature and have dainty leaves giving them an elegant look. A great back drop for family photographs!


Last but by no means least, one of the most beautiful trees to look out for this season is the Oak Tree. Native to the UK and shrouded in ancient myths and pagan believes, this majestic tree is not only a sight to behold, it also contributes to the local ecosystem in a multitude of ways. You can recognise an oak tree by its distinctive leaves and in the autumn, its acorns in their cupules!

By the end of your walk you might have quite the collection of Beech Nuts, Conkers and Acorns! Keep them safe and stored in cool, dark and dry location so that they can be made into decorations for Christmas (only if your handy with a glue gun!). Stay tuned for more guidance in our December blog!