Enjoy the Bank Holiday: Quick ways to Change the Look of your Garden

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

As many of us will be spending summer at home this year instead of abroad, now is the perfect time to create your own outdoor sanctuary in readiness for those light, warm evenings.

No matter what size your garden is, there are plenty of fun and easy things you can do to spruce it up. We love an outdoor project here at The Arb Team, so we've put our heads together and come up with a handy list of garden activities you could do this Bank Holiday Weekend!

Pressure Washing

We are all guilty of it; leaving our paths, brickwork and decking untouched during the winter months only to fall into a pressure-washing panic an hour before the family barbecue. Get ahead of the game this weekend and say goodbye to the grime! Pressure washers usually come with colour-coded nozzles – pay attention to these as they do mean something!

The yellow nozzle sprays at a 15-degree angle, making it fantastic to use for concrete (think patio slabs, concrete paths, etc).

The green nozzle sprays at a 25-degree angle and is ideal for all-purpose pressure washing, so if in doubt this one will do the trick! It’s especially good for patio furniture and decks that have been exposed to the elements.

The black nozzle is the gentlest, so won't be much good for stains, whereas the red nozzle is the most powerful and can cause serious damage, so use with caution.

As always, wear protective eye equipment while handling a pressure washer, and never direct it at a person.

Fence Painting

Fences looking a little tired? Perhaps the colour has faded or there's some unpleasant algae making an appearance. Now is the perfect time to give your fences some TLC! Make sure the wood is dry and clean, and check that there's no rain forecast for the next couple of days.

You'll also want to check what paint you need. Water-based paint can fade a little faster than an oil-based paint. Whatever you choose will depend on whether your fence is rough-sawn (most are) or smooth. For a rough-sawn fence, an oil-based paint is recommended, but make sure you cover all plants & vegetation nearby and wear some grubby clothes!

Prime your fence if needed, let it dry, and then get painting! Whether you're going for a pop of colour, or keeping it simple, always paint following the grain of the wood for a smoother finish.

Hedge Cutting

Does your garden look more like a jungle and less like a tidy, peaceful oasis? We can help! As Summer arrives, hedges, trees and even your lawn can go into overdrive. One day you look out and everything will be in control, the next day it's utter chaos!

Dust off those hedge cutters and secateurs this Bank Holiday and get snipping!

Garden a little too large for the shears? If you have large grounds to manage, we do offer grass and hedge cutting services. Our professional grounds maintenance team will turn your garden back into the clean and tidy haven it once was.

Contact us today on 01792 885184!

Create an Outdoor Fire Pit

Summer nights and barbecues are a match made in heaven. If your barbecue has been overtaken by rust and cobwebs, why not invest in a fire pit!

You can buy one online, or (if you love a bit of DIY) you can build your own!

Just be mindful of any vegetation around you and prepare the area thoroughly before you begin. It’s a good idea to have a bucket of water nearby just in case!

Stuck for fuel to get your fire started? The Arb Team has a range of firewood available to buy, from unseasoned logs to processed timber logs.

P.S. Our unseasoned and unprocessed hardwood would make perfect outdoor stools for an authentic, natural look.

Contact us today to order your firewood and get ahead of the game this summer!

A Home for All

Your garden isn't just used by you, it's also a home to thousands of other species. Bees and butterflies will be waking up, and they're going to need some energy this summer!

Planting some fruit trees is a fantastic way to attract wildlife to your garden while also giving them the nutrition they need to survive. Bees are essential to pollination, so the more you provide for them, the more they'll provide for you!

If you don't have the space for fruit trees, then there are some beautiful flowers that you can plant, whether in a flower bed or a window box. Lavender, Marigolds, Foxgloves and Asters are all firm favourites guaranteed to cause a buzz of activity!

Well, those activities will keep you busy this Bank Holiday if you're short of things to do! We hope you have a lovely weekend and manage to enjoy the great outdoors wherever you are!