Creating a Statement in your Garden

Whether you have a small, intimate, suburban garden or a vast countryside landscape at your back door, you can use trees to create a huge variety of statements, from romantic blooming blossoms to towering textures of orange and green. It may be difficult to know which type of trees will bring your statement to life, but The Arb Team are here to help you bring the vision in your mind to reality and create your perfect garden.

Summer colours

Creating a beautiful, colourful wonderland in your garden is a sure-fire way to put a smile on your face every time you walk outside. No matter the shape of your garden or space you have at your disposal, there are plenty of gorgeous trees you could consider. Here are some of our favourites:

· Japanese Cherry Tree - Brace yourself for the astonishing beauty this narrow tree will show off in all four seasons. In the spring time, its upright branches become adorned with bunches of baby pink flowers, transitioning into bright orange and red by the autumn and creating eye-catching colour all year round.

· Hearts of Gold - If the name isn't enough to persuade you, seeing this shrub bursting into clusters of bright pink and purple flowers in the spring will be. Its heart-shaped leaves emerge in an orangey red in the spring, turning into bright gold in the summer, so you can count on this plant to contribute perfectly to your rainbow statement garden.

· Magnolia - These characteristic trees have large, dramatic, fragrant flowers and sometimes colourful fruit as well! Magnolia will be sure to add to your colourful landscape, with its light yellow flowers coming out in the spring.

The perfect frame

"No matter how panoramic its scope, a view of surrounding countryside becomes a genuine garden picture only when it has been framed"- Penelope Hobhouse, English Garden Writer.

If your garden overlooks beautiful rolling hills or captivating green landscapes, certain trees in your garden can enhance the view with a framing effect, directing your attention to the centre of your magnificent view. Such trees as eucalyptus, willow and birch trees, placed to create a frame around your view would give you that picturesque country garden statement, taking full advantage of your surroundings. The tall, evergreen eucalyptus tree would not only frame your view with its beautiful blue-grey bark, but it's also hugely valuable to wildlife, attracting bees and other pollinating insects, whilst the willow, and its classic weeping foliage will provide a calm spot of shade in your garden and provide great nesting sites for birds.

Beauty all year round

If you're looking to create a low maintenance garden that will provide a beautiful landscape all year round, there are so many varieties of evergreen trees you could consider, which will provide good foliage colour, flowers, berries, and other interesting textures. Here are some of the evergreens you could consider:

· Bay Trees - These can be planted in pots or in the ground, so they are suitable for any type of garden. They're perfect for patios and their dark-green foliage can be trimmed into neat shapes to create an organized aesthetic to your outdoor space. As an added bonus, you can use bay leaves in your kitchen! Dry them or use them fresh to add fragrant flavours to your dishes.

· Californian Lilac - When in full flower, these provide an incredibly impressive, characteristic blue sight, and they are an excellent option for borders and ground covering.

Quick Privacy

Spending time in your garden can be extremely relaxing, an escape from the never-ending collection of gadgets and technology inside the house, and your personal patch of the great outdoors. If you live in a built up area, busy housing estate or a place where there are multi storey buildings overlooking your garden, planting trees for privacy could be a far more aesthetically pleasing (and wallet-saving!) solution than building fences around your perimeter. Not to forget, fences can cost a lot to maintain, planting trees is always beneficial for the environment, and who wouldn't enjoy the peaceful rustling of leaves in the wind replacing the sound of car horns and roadworks?

If you’re looking to make your garden more private, here are some of the trees and hedges you could consider:

· Green Giant Thuja - a staple for homeowners looking for a fast-growing evergreen. These trees can shoot up by as much as 3 feet per year and create a luscious green backdrop around your garden.

· Leyland Cypress - for larger gardens needing a solid, full coverage border, this beautiful, fast-growing evergreen can reach up to 50 feet and provide an excellent screen between your garden and the outside world.

· Wax Myrtle - the perfect solution for small gardens needing some seclusion from the surroundings, with dense foliage that would provide an ideal alternative to a common fence.

(Image Credit : Pinterest)

The best time to plant your trees is now!

If you're looking to create a statement landscape that will flourish in the spring and summer, the perfect time to start planting is between October and April. When you plant your trees during this time, they will begin slowly spreading and expanding their roots, and by the time spring has sprung, its root network will be substantial enough to help with its quick growth. The regular rainfall we have during this time will keep the ground moist enough to help the roots expand and the lack of weeds in the soil during this time means less competition for nutrients. If you already have mature trees in your garden, you may want to check that you’re prepared for adverse winter weather, so that they can continue to flourish come springtime.

So, you're ready to get to work on your perfect garden landscape, you've got a list of trees that will add to your vision, and you're ready to get planting! Don't forget, if you need any help, The Arb Team are here to give you tips, tricks and guidance throughout your new landscaping venture!