COVID-19 Localised Lock Down Precautions

At The Arb Team we are like family, we spend a lot of time together and are constantly looking out for each other’s safety and wellbeing. This goes for our customers, contractors, their families and ours as well. This means that in response to a lot of the South Wales counties being put into localised lockdown we want to assure everyone that we’re taking actions to protect ourselves, our customers and our communities.

We understand that everyone has been affected in different ways by the pandemic this year and we want to play our part in ensuring the number of cases across the UK reduces. The team as a whole, cares deeply for our home country and we want to see people back living their lives and seeing their families and friends as soon as possible.

Firstly, rest assured that all members of our team continue to carry personal hand sanitisers and masks as standard amongst their normal Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Our usual PPE kit also involves hard hats with visors, so you will see our guys out about in these as well. Also, whilst visiting site, the team are continuing to uphold strict social distancing measures and are able to work safely in open air environments.

Whilst out on site we are also thoroughly sanitising all equipment and vehicles used so as to prevent the spread of infection between the team. Each day we are checking and recording each other’s temperature and continue to be very clear about symptom reporting. This is really important to us, and almost second nature as we regularly have to be aware of each other’s health and safety, to conduct our daily work.

Further to this, we can arrange an almost entirely contactless customer experience with the majority of our clients. We can correspond by video call, email and phone call, and attend site visits alone where necessary. If you would like to get in contact to discuss your needs, or want to know more about the precautions we are taking, do not hesitate to contact us at