Ash Dieback and what to look out for

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

It is regularly in the news and anybody connected with trees and woodland is talking about it. Ash is a common tree and during last summer’s beautiful weather you may have noticed the large number of almost leafless tress adjacent to our roads and across the Welsh countryside.

According to the Welsh Government Chalara Ash dieback has already infected eighty percent of the Ash trees in Wales.

Ash dieback was first identified in the UK in 2012 but it was probably here a few years earlier. In Wales the first recorded outbreak was in Ferryside in Carmarthenshire and due to our damp climate, the fungal spores have spread rapidly.

The spores are released from small white fungal fruiting bodies on the leaf stem which is called the rachis. They become airborne and infect healthy leaves which then turn brown and die. The dieback then works its’ way back into the twigs and large branches. Some trees appear to resist the disease better than others but the majority of trees gradually dieback until there is very little live growth remaining.

Many Ash trees are near homes, schools and roads making them a significant hazard. Competent and qualified tree surgeons and arborists have the knowledge and skills to evaluate the level of risk and if required are capable of undertaking the trees pruning and removal without causing any damage or sustaining injury.

If the trees are not removed or pruned they can rapidly become unsafe and a significant danger. Due to the hazardous nature of the removal or pruning of infected Ash it is important to employ companies who have adequately trained staff and suitable equipment who will complete the work in a safe manner and to a professional standard.

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